Oracle CURSOR with parameter

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Execution of a cursor puts the results of the query into a set of rows called the result set, which can be fetched sequentially or non sequentially.
You can create Cursors which accepts parameters at runtime.

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Step 1:

create table PERSON( PERSON_ID NUMBER(19) not null, AGE       NUMBER(10), FIRSTNAME VARCHAR2(255), LASTNAME  VARCHAR2(255));

SQL> insert into Person values(1,10,'Geek','Greek');

1 row inserted

SQL> insert into Person values(2,12,'Seek','Bells');

1 row inserted

SQL> insert into Person values(3,13,'Creek','Dells');

1 row inserted

SQL>SQL> insert into Person values(4,13,'Sreek','Sells');

1 row inserted


Step 2:

Now write a small procedure to illustrate the cursor which accepts a parameter at run time.

create or replace procedure Param_Cursor as

CURSOR PERSON_CUR(pAge NUMBER) isSelect * from Person p where p.age = pAge;

BEGIN    for i in PERSON_CUR(13) loop       dbms_output.put_line(i.firstname);    end loop;

END Param_Cursor;


Now run the procedure Param_Cursor.

SQL> set serveroutput on;SQL> exec Param_Cursor;CreekSreek

PL/SQL procedure successfully completed


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